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This winter we have not unexpected problems


The oil antifreeze should not be used as a corrective product but as a preventive one. Using it before the very low temperatures allows the product to reach maximum performance throughout the whole system that feeds the engine.

Motor Plus special oil antifreeze additive is also effective in the most extreme conditions.

Increases oil fluidity by effectively preventing the growth of paraffin crystals, which convert oil into a viscous material, resulting in problems with the filters and the fuel circuit.

It is suitable for all vehicles, cars, trucks, agricultural machinery, heavy vehicles.

Also suitable for heating oil

Boilers at houses, hotels and other large units need the same protection as vehicles. Motor Plus oil antifreeze helps not only to protect against frosts – especially of boilers that are exposed – but also to properly maintain the fuel flow circuit.

Its frequent use helps the boiler to function properly and achieve combustion efficiency.