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New grease production


A new investment has been made by Motor Plus. It is a new state-of-the-art production unit for grease products of exceptional quality with unique application properties.

This new unit produces products that have excellent properties and resistance to moisture, water and their consistency. The thickener used by Motor Plus gives the greases their texture and the above properties.


  • Provide lubrication to protect rubbing surfaces against corrosion.
  • Protect the rubbing surfaces against external influences (moisture, dust, etc.).
  • Show resistance to thermal and mechanical stresses (local overloads, sudden changes in speed, etc.).
  • Are not oxidized
  • Ensure system sealing.
  • Keep their original properties as long as possible.
  • Their basic characteristics are not changed by the presence of limited quantities of water.
  • Are transferred with pressure over long distances without changing their original properties (central lubrication system).
  • Keep their consistency almost unchanged at low temperatures.
  • Greasing systems and devices are much simpler and cheaper.
  • Provide very good protection to machinery against moisture and dust (excavators and earthmovers).
  • Are used at very high operating temperatures in systems that run for a long time without maintenance and in cases of low speed combined with very high load.